Pet food products, which have achieved a DLG award, are subject to substantial quality tests by the experts of DLG TestService GmbH. These include laboratory tests, declaration controls and sensory acceptance tests in order to find out, if the food is accepted with regards to taste. Furthermore the entire production process may be controlled by experts based on the comprehensive DLG quality guidelines.

DLG Awards and their test criteria:

Analytical control of the final product

  • Analytical constituents (e.g. protein, calcium/ phosphorus-relation, metabolisable energy)
  • Selected vitamins and trace elements (e.g. copper, taurine, vitamin A)

Control of declaration

  • Legal compliance
  • Application quantity per animal, particular effects

The tests comprise a physicochemical examination of the ingredients declared as well as an assessment of the declaration with regards to its legal compliance. More.....



Analytical control of the final product

Control of declaration

Product claims reviewed by experts

  • e.g. “no sugar added“, “zinc for fur and immune system“, “vitamin E and D3 for heart and circulation“

Product-specific DLG Control-Number


Evaluation of the entire manufacturing facility

  • Compliance with social standards
  • Operational safety
  • Hygiene
  • Traceability
  • Quality orientation within production
  • Sustainability (acquisition of the company’s carbon footprint and continuous improvement process)

Control of all raw materials

  • Analytical control of the final product
  • Nutritional components (analytical components, minerals)
  • Additives (e.g. vitamins, trace elements)
  • Undesirable substances (e.g. heavy metal, mykotoxins, antibiotics)
  • Elemination of genetically-modified components
  • Microbiological status

Declaration control and feeding recommendation

Verification of sensorial quality by acceptance testing

Product-specific DLG Control-Number


Upon customer request, DLG TestService provides an individual QR-Code for each awarded product. Detailed information on the product can be found by scanning this QR-Code.